Distributor Agreement with VEXIM 2014-11-18
BM Korea Co. Ltd., successfully signed ‘Distributor Agreement’ to supply Guardian® Kyphoplasty kit & Guardian®-SG Kyphoplasty kit to Vexim Inc. in the United States as of November 12, 2014 in NASS 2014, San Francisco, USA.

According to the agreement, ‘BMK’ will supply Kyphoplasty Kits for the whole USA market for 3 years.


Vexim SA is a French company dedicated to providing clinically and scientifically proven solutions for minimally invasive procedures for patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures.

Vexim specialize in the anatomical restoration of vertebrae having undergone treatment in order torelieve pain and rebalance the spines of patients suffering from compression fractures